1. Doris Ribbit Croaker

  2. Baby Juju

  3. Doris Ribit Croaker, first YH frog.

  4. The Yarn head conversations

  5. Lambertina, the sheep yarn head and some friends!

  6. Lambertina, the Yarn head lamb

  7. Lambertina, the Yarn head sheep

  9. Tree-nity Maples

  10. I had the honor to be invited to participate in this wonderfull book, with 24 other artist who make the “craziest” dolls all over the world. This book is the re-edition of a previous released book by Monsa. Only with MORE artist and different publisher, this time Rockport editors, (So don´t get confussed by the cover, you have probably seen before, this a more complete and wider book.) I can´t thank enought Mista Louis for this wonderfull oportunity to be feautured! thanks for believing in my work!.
    I got my copy few weeks ago, but I haven´t got the chance to take pictures about it until now. Congratulations to all the other wonderfull artists also feautured and specially Sheena Aw (caramelaw) for being the doll artist responsible of the cover of the book.
     Doll Scene is avaialable for purchase via amazon.com for 18 usd.