1. Mocha-chichi, FA at my etsy today.

  2. I found this old sketches as I was doing a clean up of the studio. I couldn´t say no to finishing the YH mother with children.

  3. Meeting Junko Wong (Blythe creative director) and Allison Katzman (Blythe original creator) was just a dream. I had the chance to show them one of my dolls. And it was a very exciting momment for me in my life. I couldn´t believe being so close of this 2 ladies that make possible Blythe existance.

  4. I couldn´t meet Angela at the Blythecon but we could finally see each other 2 days after and she took me for a ride. Angela took all her Dr.Blythenstein middie collection so they could see their dad! ;) I love Angela so much!!! plus her collection is amazing!

  5. Blythecon Seattle 2014. I am so proud of the Blythecon organizers who took so much care and an excellent use of the artwork my made for this event. I couldn´t be happier! ;)

  6. Doris Ribbit Croaker

  7. Baby Juju

  8. Doris Ribit Croaker, first YH frog.

  9. The Yarn head conversations

  10. Lambertina, the sheep yarn head and some friends!