1. Narcisa in the toy room

  2. Deeves & Narcisa.

  3. Narcisa, yarn head by Dr.Blythenstein

  4. Vanessa Diablessa

  5. Sometimes the yarn heads are very naughty! If I could tell you all the things they do….the list is endless. They seem well behaved when you see them on pics! but seriously they are NOT!…But the worst of all are the yarn head devils. Sometimes they get up at night, call their friends and jump on the beds of their owners. They also tickle the person sleeping and pull her hair. When the person wakes up never realizes what happens and most of the time is unaware of the situation. But this happen pretty frequently. This picture was taken on the room of a very nice lady*, that lives in Singapure while she was the victim of this mischievous creatures at night! (*the identity of this lady will not be revealed for her own protection,)

  6. The “Graphic Bold cape”… The iconic “Yarn head” piece of clothing! 100% hand sewn. This will be the last batch of this design. I am modifying it in the next batch with slight changes for the cape.

  8. The Yarn head mirage

  9. "Circus" a very playfull colorful yarn head!

  10. Circus (a.k.a. Robina) very colorfull yarn head!