1. Valentina Serpentina, yarn head by Dr.Blythenstein. available for adoption today at etsy.

  2. Yarn head baby twins having fun at the playground

  3. Yarn head baby twins having fun with baby sitter Francoise

  4. Venus, La Sirenita. this week listed on ebay for adoption.

  5. Calavera Yarn head, listed for adoption today at my etsy.

  6. Mocha-chichi, FA at my etsy today.

  7. I found this old sketches as I was doing a clean up of the studio. I couldn´t say no to finishing the YH mother with children.

  8. Meeting Junko Wong (Blythe creative director) and Allison Katzman (Blythe original creator) was just a dream. I had the chance to show them one of my dolls. And it was a very exciting momment for me in my life. I couldn´t believe being so close of this 2 ladies that make possible Blythe existance.

  9. I couldn´t meet Angela at the Blythecon but we could finally see each other 2 days after and she took me for a ride. Angela took all her Dr.Blythenstein middie collection so they could see their dad! ;) I love Angela so much!!! plus her collection is amazing!

  10. Blythecon Seattle 2014. I am so proud of the Blythecon organizers who took so much care and an excellent use of the artwork my made for this event. I couldn´t be happier! ;)